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 "...One of the most riveting scenes involves #00 (Lizzy Jutila) ...pushes the drama to a new peak of moving intensity , signaling a supple shift in Mood..."

(The Wolves) 

-The Hollywood Reporter 

 "She proves her emotional and athletic range in a solo moment of onstage explosion"


"Lizzy Jutila expresses her rage in a stunning scene of raw physicality"

-The Variety 

“She successfully and simultaneously embodies the internal voice in our heads as well as the big picture commentator on the human experience”   


 -Center on the Aisle

Coming soon...


Lizzy is a Filipino Finnish AMerican Born Artist who was raised on a small farm in Barron, Wisconsin. 

AT 17 years old she went to NYC for the first time to sing in Carnegie Hall. 


then she went on to study at

the Interlochen Arts Academy in michigan

 class of 2011 

the education she GAINED FROM INTERLOCHEN earned lizzy a scholarship to

The Hartt School, University of Hartford WHERE she RECEIVED a

B.F.A. in Actor TRAINING 2015. 


 Since then she has had the honor

to originate the role of #00

in the Obie and Drama Desk Award winning (and Pulitzer nominated 2017) play

"The Wolves" by Sarah Delappe.


She has also made a variety of TV and internet  appearances, voice over work, and other various artistic collaborations.




Lizzy Jutila Demo Reel 2022.mp4
Lizzy Jutila Demo Reel 2022.mp4

Lizzy Jutila Demo Reel 2022.mp4

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Underwater Stunt Intamacy Scene

Underwater Stunt Intamacy Scene

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If I Had Two LIves Book Trailer

If I Had Two LIves Book Trailer

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