Lizzy Jutila 

 "...One of the most riveting scenes involves #00 (Lizzy Jutila) ...pushes the drama to a new peak of moving intensity , signaling a supple shift in Mood..."

(The Wolves) 

-The Hollywood Reporter 

 "She proves her emotional and athletic range in a solo moment of onstage explosion"


"Lizzy Jutila expresses her rage in a stunning scene of raw physicality"

-The Variety 

“She successfully and simultaneously embodies the internal voice in our heads as well as the big picture commentator on the human experience”   


 -Center on the Aisle


I am a Filipino Finnish AMerican Artist who has a passion for theatre, Film , voice and physically demanding projects .


 My parents raised me on a small farm in Barron, Wisconsin. I spent many hours helping out in the fields and raising cattle.

a part of my childhood was also spending time in the philippines to help out family members and neighbors in my mother's community. 

WITH MY WIDE RANGE OF EXPERIENCES at an early age , my imagination  and emotional capabilities were outstanding. My father introduced me to the world of theatre and I was hooked. I could be anything and everything i wanted to be. 

I picked up dancing and singing along the way.generous mentors helped me afford classes and at 17 it paid off when I was selected to sing with a National honors choir at Carnegie Hall. 

my desire to further my education in the arts helped me get accepted to The reputable Interlochen Arts Academy in michigan . I left public high school my senior year and graduated from interlochen in 2011. 

the education I GAINED FROM INTERLOCHEN led me to earn  a scholarship to The Hartt School, University of Hartford WHERE I RECEIVED a B.F.A. in Actor TRAINING IN 2015. 


 Since then I've had the honor to originate the role of #00 in the Obie and Drama Desk Award winning (and Pulitzer nominated 2017) play "The Wolves" by Sarah Delappe.


I've also made a variety of TV and internet  appearances, voice over work, and other various artistic collaborations. 


When I am not performing or auditioning , you'll find me cycling around NYC streets.